Supervisor SDK

Supervisor Software Development Kit (SDK) including a JS library, which is a software client of the ProctorEdu proctoring system and can be used for integration with e-learning system.

How to use

Include the library to a page in your e-learning system:

<script src="https://demo.proctoring.online/sdk/supervisor.js"></script>

Example of usage:

// create Supervisor instance
var supervisor = new Supervisor({ url: 'https://demo.proctoring.online' });
// log in and initialize session
supervisor.init({ token: 'JWT_HERE' }).then(function() {
  // start proctoring session
  return supervisor.start();
}).then(function() {
  // success
}).catch(function(err) {
  // error
// event of stopping the session
supervisor.on('stop', function() {
  // proctoring session is ended
// example action for finish the session after 5 minutes from starting
setTimeout(function() {
  // stop the session and log out
  supervisor.stop().then(function() {
    return supervisor.logout();
}, 5 * 60 * 1000);

Do not forget to change "demo.proctoring.online" to your dedicated instance of the ProctorEdu system.

System requirements and limitations

For correct operation of the system required to comply with the minimum system requirements listed below.

Parameter Minimum requirement
OS Windows XP, macOS 10.12 "Sierra", Linux
Browsers Chrome 49, Yandex.Browser 16.4, Opera 30, Firefox 52
Mobiles Android 4 (Chrome), iOS 11 (Safari)
Required protocols HTTPS, WebSockets, WebRTC
CPU 2 cores
RAM 256 MB
Network bandwidth 128 kbit/s
Camera 640x480, 15 fps
Microphone any

The main condition for the operation of the library is the lack of a full restart e-learning system page in the process of passing the exam the student, for example, when switching between tasks and questions. This is due to the need to establish socket connections to the server and store the dynamic states in the memory of the browser page. Also e-learning system must be hosted with SSL certificate (HTTPS protocol), otherwise the video and audio capture will not work.