Supervisor SDK

The JavaScript library is a software client of the ProctorEdu proctoring system and can be used for integration with e-learning system.

How to use

An example of using with JWT authorization:

<script src="https://demo.proctoring.online/sdk/supervisor.js"></script>
  // create Supervisor instance
  var supervisor = new Supervisor({ url: 'https://demo.proctoring.online' });
  // log in and initialize the session
      // set your provider name
      provider: 'jwt',
      // get JWT string from your server
      token: fetch('/api/token').then(function(response) {
        if (response.ok) return response.text();
        else throw Error('Failed to get JWT');
    .then(function() {
      // start the session only after initialization
      return supervisor.start();
    .catch(function(err) {
      // show alert with an error
      // redirect to home page
      location.href = '/';
  // stop the session after testing in e-learning system is over
  // supervisor.stop();

Do not forget to change URL "demo.proctoring.online" to your dedicated instance of the proctoring server.

Requirements and limitations

For correct operation of the system required to comply with the minimum system requirements listed below.

Parameter Minimum requirement
OS Windows 7, macOS 10.12 "Sierra", Linux
Browsers Chrome 72, Opera 59, Firefox 66, Edge 79
Mobiles Android 4.4 (Chrome), iOS 12 (Safari)
Required protocols HTTPS, WebSockets, WebRTC
CPU 2 cores
RAM 512 MB
Network bandwidth 256 kbps
Camera 640x480, 15 fps
Microphone any

You should also consider the following limitations:

  1. Your e-learning system must be hosted on a server with valid SSL certificate (via HTTPS protocol). Otherwise the video and audio capture will not work.

  2. Your web page with SDK should not be fully reloaded while the library is running. For example, when switching between test questions. If the reload occurs in less than a minute, the proctoring results will not be saved.