Class: Supervisor


new Supervisor(options)

The constructor of Supervisor class. It is recommended to use only one instance.
Name Type Description
options Object Basic options of Supervisor.
Name Type Attributes Description
url string Address of the server API.
el HTMLElement <optional>
Target element.
css string | Object <optional>
Additional styles.
var supervisor = new Supervisor({ url: 'https://your-proctoring-server' });

Type Definitions


Schema of metrics. Each metric is in the range from 0 to 100.
  • Object
Name Type Description
b1 number Browser not supported.
b2 number Focus changed to a different window.
b3 number Full-screen mode is disabled.
c1 number Webcam is disabled.
c2 number Face invisible or not looking into the camera.
c3 number Several faces in front of the camera.
c4 number Unidentified face in front of the camera.
c5 number Found similar profile.
k1 number Atypical keyboard handwriting.
m1 number Microphone muted or its volume is low.
m2 number Conversation or noise in the background.
n1 number No network connection.
n2 number No connection to a mobile camera.
s1 number Screen activities are not shared.
s2 number Second display is used.


Schema of payload.
  • Object
Name Type Attributes Description
iat number <optional>
Issued at (seconds since UNIX epoch).
exp number <optional>
Expiration time (seconds since UNIX epoch).
username string Unique user ID (format /^[A-Za-z0-9_-]+$/).
role string <optional>
User's role ("student" or "proctor").
lang string <optional>
UI language, e.g. "en".
nickname string <optional>
Visible name of the user.
group string <optional>
User group.
labels Array.<string> <optional>
Additional user data for searching.
referrer string <optional>
Referrer page.
identifier string Unique session ID (format /^[A-Za-z0-9_-]+$/).
template string <optional>
Template ID for the session.
subject string <optional>
The name of the session.
timeout number <optional>
The session timeout in minutes after which it should be stopped (integer).
lifetime number <optional>
The session lifetime in minutes after which it should be stopped (integer).
expires number <optional>
Number of days to keep records (integer).
openAt Date <optional>
Date and time until which the session cannot start (ISO-8601).
closeAt Date <optional>
Date and time after which the session will automatically end (ISO-8601).
members Array.<string> <optional>
A list of proctors to add to the members in the session.
metrics Array.<string> <optional>
A list of metrics in the session.
weights Array.<number> <optional>
A list of weights for the metrics.
addons Array.<string> <optional>
A list of addons in the session.
threshold number <optional>
The threshold value of the credibility for automatic conclusion and notification of the participant.
locale string <optional>
The PDF report language, e.g. "en".
timezone string <optional>
The PDF protocol time zone, e.g. "Europe/Berlin".
rules string <optional>
URL of a page with a rules of the event.
url string <optional>
URL of a test page.
api string <optional>
API address to send results for this session to another server.
tags Array.<string> <optional>
Session tags for searching.


Callback function for message event.
Name Type Attributes Description
data Object <optional>
Data of event.



A photo of the face was taken. The image is saved in JPEG format.
Name Type Description
dataUrl string Face image in base64.
file File Face image as file.
similar Array.<string> List of similar persons.
verified boolean The face of one person or not (compared with profile).


The metrics of user behavior are obtained.
Name Type Description
metrics Supervisor~Metrics Data of detected metrics.
violated boolean Violation detected or not.


The session was started. The session can be started by student.


The session was stopped. The session also can be stopped by timeout or by proctor.