Tutorial: tracking


Tracking metrics

b1 - Browser not supported.
b2 - Focus changed to a different window.
b3 - Full-screen mode is disabled.
c1 - Webcam is disabled.
c2 - Face invisible or not looking into the camera.
c3 - Several faces in front of the camera.
c4 - Unidentified face in front of the camera.
c5 - Found similar profile.
k1 - Atypical keyboard handwriting.
m1 - Microphone muted or its volume is low.
m2 - Conversation or noise in the background.
n1 - No network connection.
n2 - No connection to a mobile camera.
s1 - Screen activities are not shared.
s2 - Second display is used.

Before starting, set up an integration provider webhooks.tutorial.* as follows:

  "authorizer": "plain",
  "integrator": "generic",
  "profile": {
    "username": "payload.username"
  "register": {
    "identifier": "payload.identifier",
    "subject": "payload.subject",
    "timeout": "payload.timeout",
    "metrics": "payload.metrics",
    "addons": "payload.addons",
    "weights": "payload.weights",
    "threshold": "payload.threshold"